Step by Step Measuring Guide

Follow these instructions carefully to determine the correct size.


·        Measurements should be taken in the morning when swelling is at a minimum

·        Measure against bare skin, not over clothing

·        Feet should be flat on the floor


1.             image001.jpgMeasure your ankle circumference at the narrowest part of your ankle right above the anklebone.

2.             image005.jpgMeasure calf circumference at the fullest part of your calf.

3.             image003.jpgMeasure the calf length, which is measured from where your heel touches the floor to the bend in the back of the knee the knee.

4.             image007.jpgFor thigh highs or pantyhose, measure your thigh circumference at its fullest part

5.             image009.jpgMeasure the length of your leg, from where your heel touches the floor to the gluteal fold.

6.             image011.jpgFor compression pantyhose, you’ll also need to measure your hips, at their widest part.


Sizing varies by Brand and style.

Make sure to check the size chart and any sizing instructions before purchasing.