JoviPak Bellisse Compressure Comfort Bra

Product Description

Bellisse Bra with its special Compressure Comfort inner support system is the innovative solution for the management of breast and chest wall edema. Bellisse is designed to meet the specific needs of women suffering from lymphedema, post-surgical discomfort, post-radiation edema and/or fibrosis. This medical compression garment  has an attractive shape that can be worn comfortably day and night, soft to the skin, smooth while sleeping and unobtrusive under clothing. Features a front zipper for easy donning and a variable position back closure, fully adjustable and provides gentle compression with and without the addition of breast pads. It helps to reduce discomfort and provides gentle, even compression around the torso, facilitating lymph drainage from the breast and chest wall.

Made of Polyester/Nylon/Spandex

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