CEP Women's Ski Ultralight Compression Socks

Product Description

CEP Ski Ultralight Compression Socks is designed to maintain strength and durability. Compression fibers reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. Perfect for all day skiing and snowboarding. Anatomically designed to fit your calf, ankle, and foot like a second skin making this the best sock for the perfect ski boot fit. Padded cushioning ensures a comfortable, yet lightweight fit. Enhance your ski experience and recover faster. 20-30 mmHg graduated compression. Medical grade technology is scientifically proven to increase blood circulation by 40%. Feel lighter on your feet and less fatigued with the best performance ski sock. Padded cushioning on the heel and arch provides comfort while absorbing shock. Moisture wicking fibers provide advanced breathability, keeping skin dry. Seamless toe closure provides a flexible fit. Perfect for all winter sports.

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