CEP Knee Sleeve

Product Description
The CEP Knee Sleeve is built for performance. Targeted compression reduces swelling, and supports the knee, relieving tendonitis and joint pain. Perfect for running, jogging, basketball, and lifting. Stabilizes the knee joint, eliminating pain during demanding activities. CEP’s compressive fibers promote microcirculation, lessening inflammation, joint pain, tendonitis, and aids faster recovery from knee injury. Optimized compression profile improves blood circulation in the knee, while conforming to athletic movements. Minimizes lactic acid build up, and increases muscular endurance. High-tech compressive fibers provide a flexible, dry, breathable fit. Comfortable and lightweight, this knee brace is perfect for wearing everyday. Built for the best comfort and support. Relieve pain with the perfect knee brace.

* Includes 1 Sleeve.


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