CEP Men's Achilles Support Short Socks

Product Description

CEP Men's Achilles Support Short Socks is designed to support & stabilize the achilles and foot arch, reducing swelling and discomfort. Relieve achilles tendon pain in comfort. Smart Silicone padding stabilizes the achilles and supports the surrounding tendons and muscles. Placing the achilles in a strong position to recover and relieve pain. Fits comfortably in shoe without restricting athletic movements. Targeted CEP compression is clinically proven to increase blood circulation, perfect for flushing out clotting blood and fluid build up that occurs in stiff, injured ankle muscles.  Best for relieving foot and ankle pain from heel spurs. High-tech synthetic fibers wick away moisture, keeping skin dry for all day comfort. Medical grade compressive fibers provide unmatched durability and function. The best ankle support sock for active pain relief and support.

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